a Makerpad fund

founders, operators and early investors
investing in the no-code ecosystem

We believe that no-code is empowering non-technical folks to build their own tools, avoid repetitive tasks and ship faster. If you're building something that enables this kind of automation and allows more people to build tools, let's chat.

What we do:

We build, buy and invest in no-code companies.

What stage:

Pre-seed and seed-stage companiesEvidence of a product with some users and revenue.

Companies we're looking for:

Tools to expand the no-code ecosystemBusinesses built with no-code tools looking to level up and expand

get involved:

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Ben Tossell

Founder of Makerpad. The leading community of no-code builders. Makerpad teaches you how to build with no-code and showcases your projects.


Connor Finlayson

Founder of Unicorn Factory. Unicorn Factory is a freelancer marketplace that uses no-code tools to operate.